Panic Attacks Recovery: Diet and Lifestyle Tips

Updated: May 5, 2019


1. Eat Whatever you like. See photo above for meal ideas.

2. Significantly reduce caffeine intake

Come on, it doesn't taste THAT good! That means cups of tea, as well as coffee. Also normal Coca-Cola or energy drinks. I won't go into the science, its obvious. This decreased the severity and frequency of my panic attacks massively!

Important: If you drink absolutely loads of caffeine or alcohol, don't go cold turkey! (I know of people who only have a panic disorder because they did this!) Gradually reduce your intake otherwise you may get withdrawals (anti-depressant withdrawals, like the medication) that will give you more anxiety.

3. Significantly reduce alcohol intake

It might feel ace at the time, but afterwards, it will likely effect your anxiety massively. Also, it stays in your system for about a week, so long after you think you’re over your hangover, it may be effecting your temporarily high anxiety. I used to get into a bad cycle of feeling anxious, drinking alcohol to not feel anxious, then having awful anxiety and panic attacks during a hangover, then repeat. Quitting alcohol helped immensely with my physical symptoms.

4. Stop smoking weed!

It's not worth it.


Don't change a single thing.

Don't let anxiety control your life by changing your lifestyle, job, or hobbies because your anxiety is so bad. Recover from anxiety so you can live the life you want! The day I fully recovered from Panic Disorder, I was still doing the same shitty University degree I didn't care about and I was still barely exercising too. Change these things for you, but it's not necessary in order to recover from Panic Disorder!


Giving up caffeine and alcohol alone can make a massive difference

Some people even stop having panic attacks altogether as a result of cutting these out. It probably made a 30% difference to my anxiety, which is huge! Also, don't worry if you don't notice a difference for a while, it can take a good month or so until things leave your system and you're fully detoxed.

This isn't forever

If you love a drink on a weekend or love coffee etc., you only have to give it up for now. Once your anxiety and panic attacks are under control you can slowly start to reintroduce them.

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