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Panic Peer Recovery is an online talking therapy which is specifically designed to help you overcome Panic Disorder, Panic Attacks, Physical Anxiety and Health Anxiety.

Benefits of Panic Peer Recovery over traditional therapies: 

  • Delivered by a peer; I've lived through a severe panic disorder/health anxiety and come out the other side.

  • I aim to help you fully recover, I don't want you to simply manage your panic better. See testimonials below.

  • You're treated as a human being, not a customer; I won't keep you on longer than is necessary, nor will I try sell my approach if it isn't the best fit for your recovery. 

  • Listen to free 30 minute sample of a real session before you decide if Panic Peer Support is right for you (Optional, please contact me directly for the audio)

  • Therapy isn't done in blocks or with strict time-limits; sessions usually last between 45-75 mins, depending on what there is to discuss. Flexible appointment times as life gets in the way sometimes, you can have a different appointment time every week if you like!

  • Flexible and fair payment, simply pay "what you think it's worth, in relation to what you can afford." (I trust you to pay a fair amount)

  • No contracts, no cancellation fees and no late payment fees.



  • 1st session is free as I decide whether or not I have the knowledge to help you with your personal recovery.

  • Afterwards, the expectation is that you pay what you think the session is worth, in relation to what you can afford. 

Please Remember: Available appointment times refer to Spanish time (UTC+2) so make sure you account for the time difference.

Try to book at least a day in advance where possible; if it's shorter notice, I may not be able to provide the session (but I will try my best!)

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